Administrative Tools for Current MEDITEC Project Students.  If you are currently working on a MEDITEC project, refer to the following information to learn about the process. 

Process Guide

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Ordering Project Supplies

OPTION 1: Student purchases project supplies directly, either online or at a local vendor (please note, all Amazon orders must be purchased utilizing Option 2), and request reimbursement with a Check Request form.

  • Attach itemized receipts
  • Tape down all cash register receipts to an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper
  • Attach proof of payment  

OPTION 2: Procurement - Complete a Purchase Request Form (excel) to have the BMED Department purchase your requested items with the department procurement card.

  • The Purchase Request form must be typed with all fields filled out
  • Email to the Project Support Coordinator for processing.
  • Orders will be placed by the BMED office as soon as possible, but please plan ahead

Shipping Information: All procurement orders will be shipped to the following address:

California Polytechnic State University
Department of Biomedical Engineering 13-260
1 Grand Avenue San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

Travel Procedures

Before your trip: At least 1 week prior to travel, turn in your completed Travel Pre-Authorization Form to the Project Support Coordinator in 13-260.

After your trip: Complete and sign the Travel Claim Form for meals and mileage reimbursement (must be typed). Be sure to include:

  • copy of your Google Maps route
  • receipts for items over $40
  • proof of purchase 

Turn in completed travel claim forms to the Project Support Coordinator in 13-260. For more information about travel and reimbursement rates, see the Travel Guidelines.

If you have any questions, please contact the Project Support Coordinator.

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